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Rina Kidron – Professional Profile


The Vision:

To lead people, managers and organizations toward achieving significant transformation and breakthroughs in a practical and tranquil manner.


About Rina Kidron:

Adviser and coach in organizations, businesses and life.

28 years of experience working with leading organizations, managers and businesspeople toward personal, business and organizational empowerment.

Operates in a variety of areas, including hi-tech, banks and financial institutions, the defense system, institutes of higher education, public service, industry and service organizations, social justice organizations and more.

From 2005     Adviser and coach for managers and business owners.

1987-2005     Organizational consultant on issues of organizational and managerial development.

1982-1987     Computer project manager in hi-tech organizations and plants, systems analyst.



Coaching – Emotion School of Excellence in Coaching

Leading Groups – Tel Aviv University

MBA and Marketing Management – Bar Ilan University

Industrial and Administrative Engineering – Ben Gurion University.


Work Method:

Guidance and coaching key figures and organizational managers to be mentors and leaders within their own organizations, integrating know-how acquired from various disciplines within the mentoring and coaching process.

Individual and group sessions and discussions toward formulating leading processes within organizations.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Coaching and advising key figures in organizations.

  • Coaching for career management and development.

  • Individual and group coaching and advising for managers.

  • Coaching and advising for project management.

  • Coaching for marketing and sales.


My Credo:

  • I believe that current day managerial and leadership skills are, first and foremost, a derivative of a beaming personality, personal integrity and a personal and human touch.

  • I believe in people and their ability to achieve significant breakthroughs in any situation and at any time.

  • I believe in the individual’s unique way of creating his own environment and place in the world.



Hi-tech, banks and financial institutions, defense system, institutes of higher education, public service, industrial and service organizations.

Working with customers in Israel and abroad.

Customer organizations over the years:

  • Hi-tech and communications – Elbit, Bezeq, Golden Pages, Tadiran, National Semiconductors, Onyx Computers.

  • Finance – Bank Discount, Bank Leumi, Harel Shiloach, Shacham, Moria, Gvanim.

  • Industry and service organizations – Israel Electric Company, Agan Chemical Manufacturers, Egged, Israel Land Authority, Amidar, Isrotel Hotel Chain, Klalit Health Clinic, Assuta Hospital, Maccabi Health Clinic, Dortech.

  • Defense system – Ministry of Defense, Israel Defense Force (Retirement Department, Educational Corps, Air Force, Maintenance Corps), Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel Military Industries, Israel Police Department, Israel Prison Service.

  • Social organizations – Joint, Naamat, The Organization for Economic Empowerment of Women, Shatil.

  • Educational institutes – Israel Management Center, Tel Aviv University External Studies, Bar Ilan Seminar Department, Technion Seminar Department, Administrative College, The Institute of Labor and Production Productivity.

  • Consulting offices – “Afek Engineering Projects”, “Aman – Organization and Managerial Sciences”, “Tack Training”, Yahav – Organizational Development and Training”.

  • Private customers in Israel and abroad.

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